Mark Krytiuk

President & Chairman of the Board

Mark is a successful cannabis operator and was a founding partner of MPX. Mark has over 5 years of experience as the Vice President of Grow Operations for MPX overseeing the production of medical marijuana and pharma-grade products across North America.Mark has been directly involved in the rapid expansion and growth of nine facilities in three different countries, with budgets up to $30 million. In addition, Mark has over 10 years of experience consulting and working with customers to develop personal requirements for their indoor & outdoor cultivation processing space; including aiding in design, workflow and equipment, as well as supporting federal regulators and licensing bodies to ensure compliance.

Yoni Ashurov


Mr. Ashurov is an expert in designing and building scalable business infrastructures to market a diverse line of products and services, resulting in extensive long-term growth and profitability for his companies and stakeholders.

Dr. Safiya Lyn


Safiya is the Assistant Medical Director of a prestigious hospital in Aventura, Florida, which is among the nation’s oldest, largest and most respected hospital. Safiya has roughly 8 years of experience in emergency medicine, offering valuable insight into the unique requirements related to various patient concerns. Safiya is responsible for overseeing a 16-bed acute care emergency room, managing general operations, caring for critical ill patients and implementing new policies related so sepsis, stroke, STEMI and critical care. Safiya works closely with her community to inform and educate people on evolving medical practices through engaging lectures and community-centered outreach programs.

Emmanuel Paul


Emmanuel is a seasoned entrepreneur and management consultant with expertise on Organizational Design, Operational Efficiency, Financial Modeling, Project Management and Restructuring. He started his career as a Computer Engineer with Intel in Phoenix, Arizona and later worked with other technology start-ups in Silicon Valley, California. Over the last 15 years, Emmanuel has consulted with a multitude of companies with sectors ranging from Technology, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Service, Management Consulting and most recently Medical Cannabis. Emmanuel has focused on strengthening companies through strategic planning, capital raise and cost structure improvements; resulting in increased growth, productivity and profitability. Emmanuel currently holds C-level executive positions in multitude of public and private companies, and helped create market valuation in excess of 250M through strategic management, capital raise, private placement and developing new business models in key segments. Emmanuel is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and principal consultant at Bridgewater Consulting Inc. a Management & Financial Consultancy founded in 2007.

Shay Shnet

Chief Executive Officer & Director

Shay has over 20 years of business experience and was most recently a founding partner and Vice President of Operations at MPX Bioceutical Corporation. Shay spent the last 5 years of his career focused on the North American cannabis space and helped to build MPX’s portfolio of international cannabis assets. Shay is adept at sourcing unique opportunities that deal directly with the development, branding, importing, consumer packaging and distribution of a variety of product lines.